Silver For Sale

Silver is one of the most famous metals in the world.   With a chemical symbol of Ag –stands as Argentum in Latin—silver is a soft, white, transition metal.  Apart from having the highest electrical conductivity among all of the elements, it also has the highest thermal conductivity.  The said metal can be naturally found in its pure, free form, as an alloy with other metals like gold and minerals like argentite and chlorargyrite. Many of the silver metals that are being sold in the market today are produced from refining gold, zinc, lead and copper.

silver coins and bars for sale

Due to its unique properties, silver has long been evaluated as a precious metal. It’s used to create ornaments and jewelry, currency coins, silverwares, high-end kitchenware and as a form of asset and stocks.  Moreover, the said metal is greatly in demand for the manufacturing of electrical conductors, mirror production and as a catalyst for various chemical reactions. The compounds of silver have also proven to be of great use in the manufacturing of microbiocides and other disinfectants.  Silver also has its own place in the medical industry.

Silver is also used to connote a person’s ranking in sports and other competitions.  Aside from this, silver is also associated with people of high status or rank.  In the fields of interior designing and visual arts, silver is also of high importance. Its salts can be used to create stained and kilnformed glasses.

The significance of silver in today’s world is almost unparalleled.  As discussed earlier, silver can be used as a form of investment along with gold and diamond.  Silver and money mean the same thing in other languages, particularly Sanskrit, Spanish, French, and Hebrew. As early as 700 BC, silver was already utilized by the Lydians to produce money.   Countries like America, United Kingdom, and China used silver as a basic unit of monetary value.  It has also been recommended that all countries should back up their currency with precious metals such as gold, silver, nickel, etc.

Today, an ISO currency code—XAG—has been assigned to the silver bullion.  During the 1800s, the discovery of gigantic deposits of silver in America caused many states to change their currency to a precious metal for fear of financial loss.  In the 1900s, there’s a gradual demand for silver and at present, it is used for protection against inflation and devaluation.

Many economists today are voicing out their concerns to government financial reserves regarding backing up currencies with silver and gold.  To them, having the said metals as back-up means hard money.

For clarity purposes, below are some reasons why people need to invest in silver rather than fiat money:

  1. Shifting to Hard or True Money – People need to face it.  In today’s world, having a tangible and intrinsic asset, such as silver is preferable than having a depreciating fiat paper money. Silver provides a way for people to shift into hard money giving them many opportunities for generous interests in the years to come.  Investing in silver is a way to protect you and the rest of the family from the disparaging financial policies of bankers today. Be aware that history might repeat itself again and the world will be plunged to another Era of Depression wherein the precious metals were considered to be the most valuable currency.
  2. Silver is now tagged as the “common man’s gold” – Purchasing silver is more affordable than buying gold. More than half of the population today are comprised of poor and middle class individuals. Hence, there will be more demand for silver, which in turn will cause investors to move away from stocks, bonds and real estate. With the silver’s decent price, it is in the position to take over the world’s currencies as the common man’s gold.
  3. The Ultimate Insurance Policy – The world is a dynamic place to live in. It changes every single day.  One moment, everything is stabilized and then, the next, entropy ensues. Consequently, the economy collapses and people are left suffering from huge financial losses. You can prevent this from happening by investing in silver today. The study shows that people who are well-off during and after the world wars, the Great Depression, etc. Are those who have silver in their assets. By purchasing silver, the cost of insuring yourself and the rest of the family is extremely cheap while the return of investment is exceptionally huge.
  4. Silver is a Multipurpose Metal – As mentioned earlier, the silver metal has a lot of uses to the point that civilization would move backward without it.  The last decades have seen a significant increase in the demand for silver.  From mobile phones to computers, from mirrors to medical appliances, from lab experiments to new inventions, silver covers them all.
  5. A Dwarfed Physical Market & Vanishing Inventories – People seemed to think that there’s an abundant supply of silver in the market.  But it is not the truth.  The continuous demand for silver these days are gradually depleting the reserve of such metal.  Over time, silver shortage will occur, causing its prices to skyrocket.
  6. Emerging World Demand For Silver – The nations of India and China are world leaders when it comes to man power.  Records show that the said countries are big consumers of silver and gold to create appliances and other technological devices.  It is predicted that the succeeding years will see an increase in demand for silver and its alloys.
  7. The rising popularity of silver will mark the end of price manipulation – Price manipulation will come to an end once silver gains worldwide popularity for it will stabilize the economy and provide a pricing benchmark.
  8. The Paper Funds Exposed – Paper funds can sometimes make a fool out of novice investors. To prevent this from happening, it is greatly recommended to invest in tangible metals like silver, gold, nickel and the likes.
  9. Gold to Silver Ratio – It is common knowledge that the price of gold is twelve times higher than that of silver.  But with the increasing demand for silver nowadays, it’s not impossible to see the day when gold and silver are finally of equal prices.
  10. Silver for the Worst Case Scenario – Investors and economists today do not only fear the inflation of gas and oil prices, but they also fear the possibility of the Federal Reserve over printing dollars to the point that they are already valueless.  With gold and silver, you and the rest of the family can still survive.  You can use the said metals as currency or as a means to barter and trade.

Now that you are fully educated about the reasons of acquiring silver, it doesn’t mean that you should rush to a silver and a gold broker to buy some.  When you see silver coins for sale or silver bars for sale, stop for a minute and do some research.  Remember, you’re buying silver to make your assets grow. One wrong move from your end will ensure that your purpose is totally defeated.  Before buying, always study, research, learn, and analyze.

You can use the following tips as your guide for buying silver coins or silver bars:

  1. Determine the form of silver that you want to buy.  Silver for investments comes in a lot of forms. They can be in the form of silver bars, coins, spread betting, silver exchange traded funds and accounts.
  2. The price of silver also depends upon its purity.  A ninety percent pure silver would cost more than a ten percent pure one.
  3. When you’re buying silver online, always read the description and ensure that you fully understand each word.  Online photos can fool you. They may show you piles and piles of silver, and yet the description only say that you’re getting a half oz. About 90% pure silver.  Imagine your regret once you see what you’ve purchased.
  4. Research the background information on the silver dollars.  Make sure that they have a solid positive history when it comes to selling the precious metal.  Look for companies that have excellent management, business model and minimal to zero mining exposure costs. You can do the research by reading online reviews and financial books, getting referrals and consulting your friends and family members who have experience in silver selling and buying.
  5. Study the silver market carefully.  As discussed in one of the previous paragraphs, do not just call a broker to buy silver.  Study, study and study.  Examine the trend of the silver market; be adept at predicting the inflation and deflation of silver prices. Only buy silver when the price is at its lowest.
  6. Referring to number 5, only sell silver when the prices are high.
  7. Remember to buy bullion if your purpose is business. Otherwise, go for numismatics for fun.
  8. If you’re planning on buying precious metals, buy silver first before investing in gold.
  9. Sometimes, when you’re already negotiating with your dealer, there’s always a possibility that you’ll be charmed into buying exotic coins or other rarities. Never fall prey into such traps.  In simpler terms, never buy what you don’t understand.
  10. Never make the mistake of swapping bullion coins for U.S. $20 gold pieces.
  11. Consider purchasing stocks from a silver mining company.  By purchasing silver miners, you have the freedom to take advantage on any potential shares and capital escalation.  Plus, you can also influence the future path of the said metal and the company as a whole.  Just make sure that company you’re trying to invest in having consistently low mining costs.
  12. If you’re torn between investing in silver jewelries and silver coins/bullions, always opt for silver coins/bullions.  Jewelries are not consistent when it comes to weight and size. Normally, they are sold for around 50% of the actual price. With coins, they are uniform in both size and content.
  13. Once you’ve succeeded in buying silver, decide on where to store it.  You can hide it inside your personal vault or you can put it in the bank. If your option is the latter, ensure that the rating of your bank of choice is high.  There are internet sites that you can visit to check the rating of banks.
  14.  After buying your silver, never let third parties do the handling for you. Always take delivery of your precious metal.  Otherwise, there’s a very big chance that you’ll get scammed.
  15. If you’re a novice in silver investment, consider purchasing “junk silver” first.  Don’t let the name make a fool out of you. Why junk silver? It’s the cheapest when it comes to volume by price and can be traded in almost any scenario. Bars are also recommended only if you have a larger investment pool.

Investing in silver is not as easy as it sounds.  There are a lot of twists and turns in the whole process.  Before investing, you have to educate yourself.  The internet is brimming with numerous resources that can assist you once you decide to try in silver or any other precious metal investing.  Restrain yourself whenever you see silver coins for sale or silver bars for sale.

It doesn’t hurt to be patient, especially when it’s your money that is at stake.  Everything can be learned as long as you’re devoted to achieving your goals.  Don’t let anyone fool you.  As financial advisors would say, it is your duty to invest wisely. If you really find it difficult, you can always consult with experts and other reliable persons.  Be careful, but don’t be afraid of taking risks.  Do the necessary calculations and you’ll be fine.